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We are a local tour company based on the beautiful island of Tobago. During the tours, you will enjoy a private air conditioned vehicle and professional tour guide. If you want a mundane, commercialized experience, you will not find it at Tobago Fun.  What you will find is a passion for the local culture, history and island life.

Celebrating 20 Years


Tobago-Fun is a locally owned travel and tour business located on the beautiful island of Tobago. Formerly known as Terry’s Tours and Rentals, Tobago Fun was launched to enhance the service and experience for its customers. We are much more than just a tour company. Rather, our mission is to be a valuable resource for those visiting Tobago to ensure they truly get to experience everything, as easily and effortlessly as possible.

This is all possible because of the owner, Terry, whose passion for the local culture and history is the guiding spirit behind the company. Terry has been giving private tours of the island for the past 20 years.  Although born in Trinidad, Terry has lived on Tobago for the past 25 years. As the son of a sugar cane plantation worker, he spent much time working on the plantation which is where his passion for touring started. His desire to learn more about the history of sugar led to a greater knowledge of his roots. 

Terry is well-versed in the local culture and history of Tobago. One thing no one can miss is his enthusiasm to share this knowledge with those who visit Tobago. Terry is more than just a guide. He is an explorer by nature and passionate about showing off the jewels his island has to offer.

Customize your own itinerary and explore the island as you envision, or allow Terry to guide you around the entire 26 mile island as part of his popular day tour. Don’t just aim to see the island–experience its beautiful hidden bays, enjoy an authentic Caribbean meal, and immerse yourself into local culture. Tobago Fun is dedicated to showing its visitors the best Tobago has to offer, whether via an all-day island tour one of the other popular excursions. See you in Tobago!

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