The Gambia Reality Nursery School

  Tobago Fun is proud to support The Gambia Reality Nursery School located in Gambia, Africa. Due to a lack of funding, the small, family run charity based out of the United Kingdom has lost is formal registration but the needs of the local children remain the same. Since 2006, their charity efforts have renovated 2 nursery schools and built its own nursery school for the students of Gambia.

Setbacks have also come. Several years ago, the charity was ordered to stop building the perimeter wall as the landowner believed the wall to be on her land. The matter ended up in Court, during which time the landowner passed away. By that point, the charity had lost sponsors due to the lack of progress and over 3,000 blocks they had built were smashed. Adding to that, the builder who the charity paid to build the wall had joined the army and was unable to be reached. With all of this, the work had to start over completely.

It costs over $20,000 USD to build a school building, not including the perimeter wall which is another $4,500 USD–which they had to pay twice due to the above challenges.

Currently, the Gambia Reality Nursery School needs to build two more toilet blocks and one kitchen block to cook lunch on site. Of course, there are also  ongoing expenses such as teacher salaries, maintenance of the school, monthly water bill, rice for the children’s’ lunches, and so forth.

In addition donating some of its profit from tours, Tobago Fun is also is commited to giving back 50% of the proceeds from each Tobago Necklace purchased below.

Tobago Necklace

50% of the net sales of this necklace will be donated to The Gambia Reality Nursery School.

About the Donations and How They Are Used for the Gambia School

As stated above, The Gambia Reality Nursery School faces not only the cost of building and improving new schools for local children, but also has ongoing expenses such as teacher salaries and food. Your donations received through purchase of the Tobago Necklace will be sent to support these needs as we do our part in helping these young students reach their potential through learning. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Tobago Fun believes in supporting each other, both locally and globally. While The Gambia Reality Nursery School is close to our heart, we are also passionate about supporting the future of Tobago’s economy and tourism. 

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If you wish to make a regular donation, those are always welcome, of course. However, please keep in mind that your donation (at this time) is not tax deductible. Hopefully this can be changed in the near future but this is the current status. Donations without purchase of a necklace can be made through PayPal at, or by clicking the button below.

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